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Are you looking for urgent baby care services in Surrey, Sussex, London and countrywide? Are you having particular baby care problems? Are there concerns of reflux resulting in sleep issues? Look no further than Hayley Berlin Baby Consultant. With over 30 years' in-depth experience, you can depend on Hayley for expert and practical baby care services tailored to you and your family.


Hayley's passion is to install confidence in you as parents to help you cope on your own. Hayley specialises in helping families suffering with baby sleep and breast feeding problems, she aims to leave you with the tools to ensure your baby continues to have a good night's sleep.

Expert baby care services, here for you

  • Sleep training (up to 3 years old) for 10 to 12 hours at night

  • Moving from breast to bottle

  • Setting up practical and flexible routines

  • Help with breast and bottle feeding

  • Helping parents with babies who have gastro-oesophageal reflux

  • Premature babies and weight gain

  • New-borns

  • Answering all the questions

Hayley offers in person or telephone consultations. She is a member of the expert advice helpline Greatvine and you can contact Hayley via Greatvine at 0906 199 4909 (charges apply). To give you real peace of mind, Hayley's work was published in the Times Newspaper in 2011 and she has also worked with numerous high profile parents and a member of the Royal Family, which often requires her to utilise her expert baby care services abroad.  


Please contact Hayley for professional help and personal baby care services you can depend on.

Hayley's area of expertise includes:

For dedicated baby care services, call

07780 438 998

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