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Here are some testimonials from some of my clients

"Hayley’s wealth of experience has helped me become a more confident mother, who is now enjoying her baby every second she can."


"After spending another 2 nights on the sleep routine, both girls slept for 10 hours without waking for a feed. Hayley introduced a 3 hourly feeding routine and assisted with the first stages of weaning."


"Thanks to Hayley, both girls are so much happier and are now sleeping a healthy 15 hours a day."


"I would like to recommend Hayley Berlin to anyone thinking they need help getting their baby into a sleep and feeding routine. Hayley came to stay with us for 48 hours and transformed our 12 week old baby from an irritable reflux baby to a happier baby who slept right through the night in her time with us."


"I am so very thankful to Hayley. She has given me such confidence. Having her with us was like having a friend, mentor and counsellor all in one."


Thank you Hayley Berlin!


"Hayley has just been to stay with us for 3 days to help with our second child, after she worked her magic on our first daughter (who is an amazing sleeper and slept 12hours from 3 months old thanks to Hayley). We cannot recommend Hayley enough. She is wonderful with babies and knows everything there is to know! Our son was 9 weeks when she arrived and was waking twice in the night for a full feed. By night 3 of Hayley being here our son had learnt to settle himself when he woke and didn't need any milk or for us to go into him. Two weeks on he is still sleeping very well and hasn't had a feed 7pm-7am."


February 2014

Amy Brawn Smith


Hayley Berlin has changed my life!


"I had been trying to get my daughter to take a bottle from the age of four months but she would refuse to take it and would make a terrible fuss. When my baby reached seven months and was still rejecting the bottle, I felt desperate and needed help.

Hayley arrived and her confidence and relaxed manner helped to settle my anxiety as I knew the only way was to go cold turkey.

By the second night my daughter was sleeping through the night and taking the bottle. She was a much happier baby and I became a much happier mother.

I will always be forever thankful to Hayley as at the time it felt as though I had been given my life back."

Olivia, June 2013


We cannot thank you enough Hayley!


"Elsie was a very clingy baby who demanded breast feeding constantly, had no routine and hated bottles. This made for a very tired and unhappy household. You came to stay and 24 hours later Elsie was on bottles!


It's the end of day four now and she's slept 7pm to 7am every night and had three naps a day (I never dreamed this would be possible) and happily takes her bottles! Elsie is so much happier and I'm getting sleep for the first time in seven months. Everyone is happy!"


Thanks, Kim, Terry, Max & Elsie xx, April 2013


Hayley is nothing short of a miracle worker!


Before we met Hayley we were typical new parents – delighted to have a bundle of joy in our lives, but absolutely exhausted. Not only were we over-tired, but our daughter Sofia was too, which meant she wasn’t eating or sleeping properly (sleep breeds sleep!).


We had completely lost confidence in our ability to do the ‘right thing’, desperately trying to find a solution in a multitude of baby books (and getting completely confused in the process).  Luckily, a friend put me in touch with Hayley (following a glowing recommendation) and from our very first conversation, I felt reassured that with her guidance, a routine could quickly be established, which would settle Sofia and get her sleeping through the night.


Hayley is a real pleasure to be around, and became part of the family during her stay. She loves children, and they adore her, so Sofia was instantly at ease, and responded quickly to the changes implemented, with her sleep improving from the first night.


Now Sofia is in a structured routine and sleeps 12+ hours a night, and is so much happier and relaxed as she is getting the rest she needs. This of course, has made a huge difference to my wife and I – we have our evenings back, and a good night sleep every night, and we feel like confident, competent parents, having learnt so much from Hayley during her stay.


Thank you Hayley!




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