Interested in hearing what people have to say about me? Read some of the testimonials left by the families I have helped.

“I can’t praise Hayley enough! She has sleep and routine trained all three of our children! If you’re a sleep deprived parent and willing to listen and follow Hayley’s plan then contact her now. When we had our first baby boy in 2013, he was exclusively breastfeed but also waking up to feed every 2 hours – even at night. We were beyond exhausted. I tried to give the bottle but he refused. That’s when a friend recommended Hayley. I was nervous when she visited but she made us feel confident and within a few nights, our baby was taking the bottle, in a routine and sleeping 7pm to 7am. We contacted Hayley again in 2015 when our second baby boy was born and by 11 weeks, she had guided him to sleep 7pm-7am and on 4 hourly feeds with a great day routine.

Hayley recently visited us again in September 2019 to help sleep and routine train our third baby boy. He was 10 weeks but refusing the bottle and would not settle to sleep during 7pm-11pm. Hayley helped get him into his own room, sleep 7pm-7am and taking a bottle with 3 hourly feeds. He is now 4 months old and continues to sleep through the night – in fact I have to wake him at 7am! He loves his sleep ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you for your help, support and guidance over the last 6 years. You have saved us from sleep deprivation and all three of our children go to bed by 7pm so we get to have dinner and relax in the evenings! You go above and beyond to stay in touch with me and see how the babies are doing. I also really appreciate you being on the end of the phone whenever I need a tip.

Thank you Hayley; the boys will forever be 'Berlin Babies'! "

- Meera and Mayur Joshi, October 2019

“Elsie was a very clingy baby who demanded breast feeding constantly, had no routine and hated bottles. This made for a very tired and unhappy household. You came to stay and 24 hours later Elsie was on bottles!

It’s the end of day four now and she’s slept 7pm to 7am every night and had three naps a day (I never dreamed this would be possible) and happily takes her bottles! Elsie is so much happier and I’m getting sleep for the first time in seven months. Everyone is happy!”

We cannot thank you enough Hayley!

- Thanks, Kim, Terry, Max & Elsie xx, April 2013

“I had been trying to get my daughter to take a bottle from the age of four months but she would refuse to take it and would make a terrible fuss. When my baby reached seven months and was still rejecting the bottle, I felt desperate and needed help.

Hayley arrived and her confidence and relaxed manner helped to settle my anxiety as I knew the only way was to go cold turkey.

By the second night my daughter was sleeping through the night and taking the bottle. She was a much happier baby and I became a much happier mother.

I will always be forever thankful to Hayley as at the time it felt as though I had been given my life back.”

Hayley Berlin has changed my life!

- Olivia

“Hayley has just been to stay with us for 3 days to help with our second child, after she worked her magic on our first daughter (who is an amazing sleeper and slept 12hours from 3 months old thanks to Hayley). We cannot recommend Hayley enough. She is wonderful with babies and knows everything there is to know! Our son was 9 weeks when she arrived and was waking twice in the night for a full feed. By night 3 of Hayley being here our son had learnt to settle himself when he woke and didn’t need any milk or for us to go into him. Two weeks on he is still sleeping very well and hasn’t had a feed 7pm-7am.”

Thank you Hayley Berlin!

- Amy Brawn Smith

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